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How to Turn Your Speeches Into Sellable Products

SIf you’ve been following my blogs, you know that I’m good at repackaging and re-purposing my content in many different ways.

I have lots of versions of my speeches: audio, video, books, guides, cheat sheets, bundles, emails, blogs, and so forth. Some of it I give away, some of it I sell, and along the way I find customers who want me to create new content for them or deliver a speech for their group.

Earlier this year, I attended a webinar by Tom Antion (one of my speaking heros, see more about him in this blog). He gave me even more ideas on how to repackage my content.

I thought I was good at it, but Tom is the master. It was all I could do to not to tell others what I learned from him.

When Tom offered me the the rights to the webinar transcript, I jumped on the opportunity and said yes on the spot.

I’ve decided to give you access to it instead of selling it as New Years gift to my friends and colleagues who want to learn about how to make more money from their ideas.

You’ll get 43 pages of great ideas and resources you can use to repackage your content. Feel free to share it with others that you think would benefit. Or just send them to this blog posting.

And let me know about the new products you create! I wouldn’t say no to a review copy. 😉

Click to download the Repurposing Book.

Tom Antion Offers Lots of Pro Speaking Resources

One of my favorite resources for professional speaking ideas and tactics is Tom Antion. I’ve known Tom for a couple of decades and he always has great ideas that are practical, instantly usable, and don’t require lots of technical knowledge to implement. Click here to see some of his speaker products.

And he gives away tons of great ideas on his various websites. If you choose to take one of his in-person courses, you get to come back for a refresher for free for life. Tom is just that kind of guy. Check out

You can get more ideas at where you can sign up for Tom’s complementary e-courses.

Best yet, Tom shows you lots of ways to make money at speaking. Here’s a special report on how to use on-line shopping carts to sell your ideas to your audience. I’ve been using this system for years.

Check out this great video on three ways to engage your audience and then browse the hundreds of videos Tom has on


How to Make It as a Professional Speaker Audio

This is an audio program I did a number of years ago to a group of people who wanted to know how to become a paid professional speaker (that’s a tautology). You might find the ideas useful and complimentary to the “Get More Speaking” audio that I’ve posted.

Click to download HowToMakeItAsAProSpeaker.mp3

Subscribe to Patricia Fripp’s eZine for Great Pro Speaking Ideas

A hero of mine, Patricia Fripp is a consummate professional speaker who keeps giving back to the speaker community. She has regularly written a information-packed ezine for more than a decade with valuable tips and tricks accumulated through her illustrious career and collected from her exceptional colleagues. I think there’s even a tip or two from me.

I always find her writing inspirational with practical ideas for always improving and keeping a competitive edge.

Subscribe at for Professional Speaking Business Ideas

One of my favorite resources for ideas and practical business-of-speaking tips is

There are years worth of archives and articles with a compendium of solutions to common–and not so common–problems faced by professional speakers and trainers. This includes virtually every aspect of the business from speech content to travel, from vendors to meeting planning, all from real life experiences from real professional speakers. Sign up for their regular ezine to get ideas delivered to your email in box.

Almost every issue contains an idea that I can use or that sparks another idea that improves my business acumen. Access to the site is free and there are hundreds of hours of audio created by successful professionals that you can purchase for download. I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the content of any of the presentations that I’ve bought.

What useful speaker resources have you found?

Get Speaking! Here’s How

I’m Mark S.A. Smith. I’ve been a professional speaker since 1989 when I started my first publishing and training company. I average more than 60 speeches or training events a year.

Often, people ask me about becoming a professional speaker, or more frequently put, “I want to do what you do.” Over the years, I’ve accumulated resources and made recordings about how to do this based on my experience and observing the industry for best practices.

I’ll use this blog to post those resources and update you with ideas that I find useful. I’m always interested in your ideas, thoughts and questions.

Prosperous and happy speaking!

To kick things off, here’s a recording I made 15 years ago advising two insurance agents how to speak at local events to find new customers and get lots of practice.

I’ve included the forms that I used to book the speeches and follow up after the event. This can seriously short cut the time needed to get going. In fact, if you follow these ideas, you can be speaking in a couple of weeks.

Let me know how this works for you and enjoy it!

Click to download GetMoreBusinessJustBySpeakingOutlineandForms.doc

Click to download GetMoreBizBySpeaking.mp3