Tom Antion Offers Lots of Pro Speaking Resources

One of my favorite resources for professional speaking ideas and tactics is Tom Antion. I’ve known Tom for a couple of decades and he always has great ideas that are practical, instantly usable, and don’t require lots of technical knowledge to implement. Click here to see some of his speaker products.

And he gives away tons of great ideas on his various websites. If you choose to take one of his in-person courses, you get to come back for a refresher for free for life. Tom is just that kind of guy. Check out

You can get more ideas at where you can sign up for Tom’s complementary e-courses.

Best yet, Tom shows you lots of ways to make money at speaking. Here’s a special report on how to use on-line shopping carts to sell your ideas to your audience. I’ve been using this system for years.

Check out this great video on three ways to engage your audience and then browse the hundreds of videos Tom has on